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Groups and meetings in Evander

In Evander Groops users like to meet for Turkish — but you will also find like-minded people for many other interests. Just join a group and be invited to meetings in real life!

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  • Group65
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    Tuerkisch Treff Graz, Evander, South Africa »Türkce daha iyi ögrenmek icin, Türkce okumak icin Türk dili cok iyi bilen insanlar, özellikle "native speaker" aríyorum.« Tags: tuerkisch

  • Group65
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    Meeting Point Evander Freiburg, Evander, South Africa »Meet Evander people« Organizers from Evander can put their meetings to the Meeting Point Evander in order to find more attendees. You're searchi... Tags: get-together groops people friends

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